Things I'm Loving...

I, like all of us, go through phases of obsession with certain things--people, products, clothes, etc. Okay, maybe obsession is a bit of a strong word. But I really, really like these things:

1. Blue Sky Free Stevia Soda

Everyone always talks about how bad soda is for you. And, for the most part, that hasn't been a problem for me because I am not a big soda-drinker. But I do love root beer. Yet every time I drink it, all I can think about it how often people have told me how unhealthy it is! That's why I love this stevia-sweetened soda. It tastes just like normal root beer, but it is calorie-free and sweetened with stevia, which is all natural!

2. Go Raw Spirulina Super Chips

Okay, truth of the matter is that my friends and family don't find these spirulina chips nearly as tasty as I do. But, since this post is for things that I'M loving, I'm going to tell you guys about it. These are sweet and still healthy--spirulina is supposedly great for detoxifying your body and full of antioxidants. A great snack!

3. Once Upon a Time

Okay. If I could talk about this show as much as I wanted to, this whole blog would be dedicated to it. Basically, I love fantasy and I love mysteries/crime dramas. This show combines both! I absolutely LOVE it. There are some great love stories, but it isn't solely focused on romance. It's still suspenseful and exciting! It comes on ABC on Sunday nights at 8:00 EST.

4. My new ear cuff from VintageMadeByDucky!

This is the ear cuff I mentioned the other day! Isn't it cute? It's simple but still a little edgy/gypsy. I wore it today and got TONS of compliments! 

5. Antonia Thomas

This actress, who stars as Alisha in the UK's hit show Misfits, is simply stunning to me. She has a unique style that I adore, not to mention that I'm addicted to her show. And her hair as Alisha is awesome! I've even considered cutting mine short and letting it do it's thing because of her--but then I thought better of it :)

I hope you like all of these things as much as I do! xoxo

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