Hair Repair 101

Hey everyone! I know I haven't posted in a long, long, time and I'm so sorry! I promise I haven't forgotten about this blog!

Let's get right back to it!

Recently, I got purple streaks put in my hair. I love them, but the fact that my hairdresser had to bleach my hair first means that my hair is FRIED. Like, I haven't even had it this bad before.

It's been almost two weeks, and I've made a lot of progress. I still need to be really careful and persistent with the treatments, but my hair feels a little bit less straw-like and breakable.

It kills me, because my natural hair is actually really healthy, and I totally messed it up! It is going to take forever for the broken strands to grow back, too. :(

But I'm gonna take extra good care of my hair, and I'll let you in on my tips!!!

1. I've talked about this product line before, but I'll bring it up again. I literally swear by it; it's the L'Oreal EverCreme Intense Nourishing shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner. I use all three every day, and ever since I started using that line about a year ago, I have noticed a huge difference in the smoothness and elasticity of my hair. I still have a lot of coarse hair, but it is much less unruly than it was with any other hair products, and trust me, I've tried a lot.

2. Coconut Oil is the next best thing I have found for my hair. I started using it about a month or so ago, and I immediately noticed my hair feeling softer and healthier. What I do is scoop a lot out of the jar, turn upside-down, and smooth the oil down the length of my hair from my scalp towards the ends. After that is saturated, I'll smooth some over the top layer of my hair, focusing on the ends, and the roots of my hair at the back of my head. These are my problem areas, so obvious you should cater the process to fit your hair. I put my hair up into a top bun with a clip, put a shower cap on, and leave it for an hour. You can use a hair dryer to really help the oil to absorb--blast your hair, with the shower cap on, for about 10 minutes.

When you wash it out, you will notice that there is some residue. You can shampoo again, but if you don't need to look particularly nice, I would leave it in. I promise it won't look as greasy as you think! Condition like normal, and when you hair dries I promise you'll be stunned! I do this about twice a week.

3. Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil. This deep conditioning treatment is a newer addition to my routine, and I use it every other day on the days I don't use coconut oil. After you wet your hair, you smooth it into your hair and leave it for 5 minutes (while you shave, for example), and rinse. It also makes your hair feel soft and luminous!

4. Heat Protection. So, as weird as it sound, straightening my hair actually makes it look less fried. Since my strands are such different lengths now, it looks better when they are all going in the same direction, which they don't do naturally. So, in order to keep my hair from getting fried again, I use two main products to beat the heat: Organix Extra Strength Moroccan Argan Oil and Got2B Guardian Angel Flat Iron Balm. The oil is seriously amazing for giving your hair movement and shine, and the "balm" (its a spray) is new to me, but seems to really protect my hair from damage.

5. Vitamins! Okay, you've most likely heard of Biotin before. Biotin is a vitamin that is most commonly used to support hair and nail growth. I know it works, because I have tried it multiple times, but it also makes me break out every time I try it. So, that isn't really an option for me, but a simple multivitamin can still give your skin, nails, and hair the vitamins and minerals they need.

6. Water is so important! I know you've heard it a million times, but it is so, so true that drinking lots of water helps you in so many ways. As far as your hair goes, it just increases it's general health, helping it to grow in stronger and healthier than before.  It also helps me to feel focused, more energetic, and also it clears up your skin!