Swoon-Worthy Saturday: Ed Westwick

You've seen him before--he is one of Hollywood's favorite It-Brits, having made a name for himself as Chuck Bass on the CWs insta-hit Gossip Girl (seriously, I don't think I've seen a more beautiful cast). He was also in the recent J. Edgar, and is rumored to be appearing in a new rendition of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet as Tybalt. Should be interesting!

Anyways, enough with the introduction, here's what you really want:




I just came across this tumblr on pinterest, and I was automatically obsessed! Such a cute idea, and it reminds us that there are so many reasons to smile. :)

Click here to go to littlereasonstosmile.

Also, any requests for the next Swoon-Worthy Saturday?

xoxo and remember to smile,


Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hyperliner

While in New York this past week, I stopped by Sephora to look around. I ended up buying two Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hyperliner eyeliners, and I love them!

This is a subtle, every-day look that I did with them. The top color is a deep brown with tiny copper sparkles (puppeteer). On the bottom, I lined my waterline, inner corner, and up a bit onto my upper lid with the pearlescent pinky-white color (broken doll).

Top: Broken Doll
Bottom: Puppeteer

They are waterproof, but not so much that you have a hard time getting them off. They glide onto your skin very smoothly, and show up much more than you can tell in the first picture. 




Music Monday

1. Feel So Close by Calvin Harris

2. Some Nights by Fun.

{seriously OBSESSED with this song}

3. Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode



Femininspiration: Holland Roden

Hey, everyone! In a recent post (see it here), I mentioned Holland Roden, one of the stars of my guilty pleasure, Teen Wolf. I know I haven't done many Femininspirations, but I've chosen Roden (ha.) for a post.

The reasons I love this actress are very many--the first of which is her personal style--I can't really think of how to describe it, but I have yet to see her in an outfit that I wouldn't want for myself.

Other than her wardrobe, though, Roden has proven herself to be honest and down to earth in all her interviews (or at least the ones that I have seen). She is smart, too-- she actually attended UCLA and started as a pre-med student before switching to Women's Studies (gotta support that!).

Click here and here to see some interviews with the starlet.



Swoon-Worthy Saturday: Ian Harding

I don't really watch Pretty Little Liars, but I have to admit, it is an entertaining show. One big reason for that is this week's SWS! Ian Harding, who plays Mr. Ezra Fitz, may be one of the most attractive men ever to walk this planet. Or at least I think so. Handsome and cute at the same time! Gotta love it. Well, enough gabbing, here he his!




Headed to the Big Apple!

Hey everyone! I'm about to board my plane for new york city! I'm with my sister and we are both ready to get this show on the road.I think you guys will appreciate this: a few weeks ago, I saw this hilarious makeup bag on pinterest, but couldn't find where to buy it. It is canvas and says in black lettering, "IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, PUT MASCARA ON YOURSELF BEFORE HELPING OTHERS". As my sister and I were walking to our gate today, I saw it sitting in a vending machine, begging me to buy it. So, I snatched that baby up! $22 for a makeup bag and Stila mascara? Yes, please! xoxo!


Favorite Reds + What's Coming

Well hello! Today I've decided to show you my two favorite red lip colors! I have an insane collection of lipsticks/lipglosses/lip stains, and only about half of them are red... :P So, the fact that I only picked two means they are pretty darn great.

Here is the first: It is Revlon Colorburst Lip gloss in 018 Fire.

I wear this one a lot--it has great pigmentation and is super easy to apply. The only down-side is that sometimes, it kind of bleeds outside of my lip lines. The way I deal with that is probably not the best way, but I just check it every half hour or so and clean up the edges. 
I actually bought this last summer, after watching the first season of Teen Wolf. I noticed how much Holland Roden's character wore red lips, and they were always perfect and not chalky or dry looking. I saw this product in the drugstore and thought "hmm, maybe I can get that same look." I would say that it's pretty darn close!

The next red is a lipstick: Kat Von D lipstick in Adora

I would classify this color as more of a fall/winter one, because it is kind of dark and has some golden undertones, making me think of autumn and Christmas. :)

It can be slightly dry, so I often pair it with a sheer red gloss or even just Aquaphor to make it look a bit more youthful.

Between the two, this one is definitely more expensive, but also definitely worth it. I do not regret spending the 18 or so dollars one bit!

Before I sign off, I have some exciting news: I'm headed for NYC tomorrow! I am going to try to post while I'm there, but if I don't, I promise I will update you when I get back! I'm so excited!!!



Music Monday

1. The Motto Remix by Tinie Tempah, Drake & Lil Wayne

{pardon the language...}

2. Wobble by V.I.C

3. Somethin' 'Bout a Truck by Kip Moore



Music Monday

1. The Man Who Never Lied by Maroon 5

2. Top Back by T.I

3. Starstrukk by 3OH!3