Favorite Reds + What's Coming

Well hello! Today I've decided to show you my two favorite red lip colors! I have an insane collection of lipsticks/lipglosses/lip stains, and only about half of them are red... :P So, the fact that I only picked two means they are pretty darn great.

Here is the first: It is Revlon Colorburst Lip gloss in 018 Fire.

I wear this one a lot--it has great pigmentation and is super easy to apply. The only down-side is that sometimes, it kind of bleeds outside of my lip lines. The way I deal with that is probably not the best way, but I just check it every half hour or so and clean up the edges. 
I actually bought this last summer, after watching the first season of Teen Wolf. I noticed how much Holland Roden's character wore red lips, and they were always perfect and not chalky or dry looking. I saw this product in the drugstore and thought "hmm, maybe I can get that same look." I would say that it's pretty darn close!

The next red is a lipstick: Kat Von D lipstick in Adora

I would classify this color as more of a fall/winter one, because it is kind of dark and has some golden undertones, making me think of autumn and Christmas. :)

It can be slightly dry, so I often pair it with a sheer red gloss or even just Aquaphor to make it look a bit more youthful.

Between the two, this one is definitely more expensive, but also definitely worth it. I do not regret spending the 18 or so dollars one bit!

Before I sign off, I have some exciting news: I'm headed for NYC tomorrow! I am going to try to post while I'm there, but if I don't, I promise I will update you when I get back! I'm so excited!!!


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