Music Monday

Another week! Let's start it off right with some good ol' jams.

1. Where Do You Go by No Mercy

This song is a TOTAL blast from the past. The video just slays me, too...The dancing...the melodrama...its all just so wonderful. This song is like a shot of B12 in my opinion--you feel so much better afterwards. :)

2. After Tonight by Justin Nozuka

Okay, this song is quite a deviation from the last one, but it is one of those songs that never gets old. I first heard this song a few summers ago on the VH1 music video program that came on in the mornings, so I always will associate this song with the summertime. But either way its a great song.

3. Shock by Ana Tijoux

Ana Tijoux is a French-born Chilean emcee who uses this song to promote the student protests that have been going on in Chile recently. Essentially, many Chileans are tired of the corrupt and expensive educational system in their country, and this song allows listeners to feel the weight of that discontent with the almost belabored beat and lack of much emotion in Tijoux's voice. But that doesn't mean that is isn't a good song to listen to--there is something very cathartic about the consistency and tone of this politically aware song.


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