Pre-Lunchtime Check-In

Hey guys!

So, I'm trying to eat super healthy today. I'm going to eat lunch soon, and I am starving! My breakfast did NOT hold me over like it usually does. I made myself some kale chips (picture below) and plan to eat some carrots, celery, and maybe a pear. And, yes, I'll be drinking water.

Anyways, that's all boring stuff. I got an order from Etsy yesterday, and I can't wait to show it to you! I've got an outfit post coming soon, so I'll show you what I got then. It's an ear cuff from VintageMadeByDucky, and I LOVE it! I also got an awesome bumper sticker from ajcustomvinyldecals, I'll be sure to show you that soon. It raises my geek factor quite a bit :)

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