My Ladies, Confident, Flaunt It!

I distinctly remember the day that I first saw the movie Burlesque with Christina Aguilera and Cher. My friend and I needed to kill some time between the end of school and a concert that we were playing in, so we decided on a whim to go see it. I wasn't expecting to like it--I thought that it would be one of those movies that I made fun of the whole time. And yes, there were moments where I laughed at the sub-par acting and melodrama, but I left the theater, turned to my friend, and told her that I thoroughly enjoyed it. And not in a "that was just a dumb movie" way.

Maybe it's the glitter. Maybe its the music. Maybe its the smokin' guys. Honestly, I think it is a combination of all of those that makes me love this movie so much. I payed full price for the DVD--that is a big deal for me, people. I know every line. I own the soundtrack. If I have a guilty pleasure, it is this movie.

If you haven't seen it, go watch it. It's amazing! But I am warning you--the acting is not one of the reasons I love it so much...Xtina can sing like no other, so it's okay in my book that she can't act. And Cam Gigandet is gorgeous, so his awkward delivery is fine by me, too. :)


[show me how you burlesque]

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