SH Real Nail Polish Strips Review

 Good Evening!
Today, I dropped by the drugstore and picked up Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Kitty, Kitty. I bought them totally on a whim, but I'm glad I did! I'll admit, it takes a while to perfect the art of application with these things, but after about three nails I had figured it out. Here's how I did it:
1) wipe down your nails with nail polish remover to get rid of any oils on your nails that might impede the strips' ability to stick.
2) choose your strip and break off the tab at the bottom. Remove the white backing and place lightly on your nail, making sure it is aligned.
3) Press the strip on, smoothing it with the smooth side of the emery board.
4) Peel off the clear strip on top of the polish off. This is by far the hardest part--I had to break out the tweezers a few times to grab a tiny corner.
5) File down the ends of your fingernail, cutting off the excess polish in the process.
6) Admire your work!


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