Hey guys! I meant to do this yesterday, but I had quite a full day and ended up not having time! So, here it is, a day late...

My thoughts on the dresses from this year's Grammy Awards!

I didn't actually get a chance to watch the Grammys, but I've done my research and chosen my favorite outfits from the night...as well as those that I didn't feel so great about.

First, let's do favorites.

I first saw these adorable little girls on the ellen show, performing a Nicki Minaj song. They are such princesses!!! So, so cute.

I'm not quite sure why Kate Beckinsale was at the Grammys, but she looked ah-MAZ-ing. The only bone I have to pick is that I think this dress should have been a tad longer. I know she has great legs, but, come on, this is a red carpet event!

I've heard rumors that Kelly Osbourne is not the nicest person, but I'll put that aside for now. She. Looked. Stunning. I love the wacky hair color and her dress was simply fabulous.

And now for the dresses I wasn't such a fan of..

Fergie. What are you doing? Call me old-fashioned, but I think that a true lady leaves a little something to the imagination... This is just too revealing for my taste! I think this dress could have been really nice, but with something a little more covering under it.

For the same reason I didn't like Fergie's dress, I don't like Rihanna's choice of attire for the night. A dramatic neckline can be sexy, just like a side-split and a low back. But all three in one dress? NO! Also, I don't find ribs to be sexy. Or unsupported boobs. In general, this dress just failed. Plus, what is with her hair? Come on, RiRi! Pull it together!

What were your favorite/least favorite Grammy looks?


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