Full Moon

Okay, guys. I have a confession.

I am obsessed with the moon. I don't fully know why, but I just find it so majestic and beautiful! Especially when it is full. And tonight, it is full!

My friends and I swear that we feel and act differently (usually nuttier/crazier) on the night of the full moon. I know a lot people think that is just a myth, but it is the one superstition I have.

Anyways, since tonight is the full moon, I thought I'd start a tradition of writing special full-moon posts!

Here are some cute moon-themed items from Etsy that I like...I hope you like them too!

I love this necklace! It's simple yet still somewhat of a statement necklace...fabulous!

Laonato makes great stuff--I've ordered presents for my friends from there, and they've loved what I got them! I think mismatched earring are so cute, and I love that these are celestially-themed. 

Back before I could read, my mom would read a Mickey Mouse book to me that had a line that is engrained in my memory: "I see the moon and the moon sees me, and the moon sees somebody I want to see." That makes this poster really touching to me!

Happy full moon! xoxo

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