21-Day Challenge


They say that it takes 21 days to break a habit. Well, I'm going to apply this rule to addictions. A food addiction, to be specific. It's chocolate.

Guys, chocolate is my vice. I can't resist it. It calls out to me and I give in. Next thing you now, I'm passed out on the coach from a sugar crash and wake up with a stomach ache three hours later.

Yeah. It's bad.

So, here's my plan to break this habit: I'm going to go 21 days with no chocolate. Not a drop. Not even chocolate milk. Anything with cocoa in it is OUT. And hopefully, on March 1, I will be cured! Of course, I am sure that I will still love chocolate. But maybe it won't be such a problem. :)

First thing tomorrow (it's too late for me today...whoops), I am chocolate-free, people. I'll keep you posted about the whole gritty process--the detox, the withdrawals, the hallucinations...Okay, those are all exaggerations. I hope...


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