My Big Red Book

Well hello there! In a post a while back (see it here), I mentioned that I was going to introduce you guys to a binder that I have full of tear-outs from magazines.

Finally, I'm doing that! Let my start off by explaining what it is:

This binder is something that I started filling up a few years ago with ads that caught my eye. Then, I started adding in articles on celebrities that I like. After a while, it was full of everything from ads to recipes. Simply put, this is a book of fancies. Anything that I like goes in the book. It is super full now--bigger than an average magazine! Here it is:

Nice and simple.

So here are a few of the pages I thought I'd show you guys...

Marie Claire does this awesome section every issue that is photos of everyday women, along with quotes from them about what they like about themselves. I always put these in my binder, because it is so important for us to find things that we love about ourselves! I love that MC does this. The next picture is of Busy Phillips--I love her. I first saw her in Freaks and Geeks with James Franco and Jason Segel and Seth Rogen, and now she stars in Cougar Town with Courtney Cox! Love her.

The first picture is of an ad that I pulled a while ago. I forgot what the ad is actually for, but this photo is GORGEOUS. It has a very Jane Eyre-esque quality to it. So pretty! The next ad is for Ray-Ban (as you can see), and I think it is so cute. I think that is Nick Jonas, who I love to death, although I can't stand the Jonas Brothers. Go figure.

I am obsessed with the 20s and 30s, and so when The Artist came out, I was dying to see it (I still haven't). I love this old-fashioned black and white ad. The next picture is of an interview that Elle did with Sebastian Stan. I just love him. So. That's why that's in there. :)

Anyways, there are plenty more where those came from, so I might do posts similar to this in the future. I hope you like it!


Okay, I have searched the internet high and low to find ANYTHING saying who the people are in the ray-ban 75 years ad campaign, but no luck. So, yes, I think the dude in the photo above is Nicky J, but honestly I've got not clue. Anyone know anything about this?

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