So, I love working out. However, my ADD often negates any desire to sweat--either I get bored during the first 5 minutes of my workout or I get distracted before I even start.

But this workout is super fun and intense--and it doesn't get boring!

Here's how it works:

We all know nowadays that combining cardio with strength training is the golden standard of fitness. Ideally, we should all be getting a solid hour of uninterrupted cardio a day. However, it is also a known fact that interval training is arguably the best way to strengthen your heart and burn fat. So, no, this workout does not take an hour to do (who has the attention span for that?), but it does work your heart like no other.

Let's get to it!

1. 1 minute of jumping rope (try to keep it fast)
2. 10 pushups (CHEST TO THE FLOOR!)
3. 20 mountain climbers (this video helps explain)
4. 30 crunches
5. 30 twisted crunches (30 each side)
6. 30 toe touches
7. 3 minutes of jumping rope
8. 20 squats
9. 20 lunges (20 each side)
10. 10 burpees

Rest between each step if you need to, but try to keep moving as much as possible.



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