Things I've Learned...

Well hello there!

As you probably know, I have just recently started college. Already, I am learning so much--not just academics (in fact, those have yet to really pick up), but about...oh, I don't know...SURVIVAL.

The last post I did was all about staying healthy in college. Well, I have a confession.

I'm sick.

Like, really sick, and I have been for a least a week. Everyone else has gotten the same cold, but mine has REFUSED to get better. Usually, I am not sick for more than two or three days when I have a cold. But I know why this time is different.

I didn't follow my own advice!

I've been eating so badly--lots of sugar. SO MUCH SUGAR. And, you might also know that I'm gluten intolerant, and yet I have been eating gluten out the wazoo since getting here. As a result, my feet stink (yeah, it happens when you eat gluten if you are intolerant), my appetite is off, and I'm sick as a dog.

So, seriously, heed my warning: eat well in college or you will regret it! Seriously. So seriously.


Anyways, now that I am sick, I am using this as a "teachable moment" as my mother says. I have stopped the gluten intake (or at least I'm trying to), I bought a $30 humidifier for my dorm (so cool--it uses water bottles! Go to CVS and get one. Now.), and I'm really focusing on giving my body what it needs.

Please use my misfortune as an opportunity to avoid this wretched state. I'm going to be sick at a concert tonight (Roscoe Dash and the Ying Yang Twins!), for the first football game of the season, and for visiting my friends back home on Sunday. Yeah, it sucks. Don't do what I did.

Make good choices!

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