What To Spend Your $$$ On In College

Hi there! We all know that money is tight for college students. Spending it is something that should not be taken lightly! But I have some suggestions on what you should spend your extra cash on.

1. Pedicures. Okay, this may sound frivolous, but let me tell you something. Feet get gross in college. You walk all the time, out in the heat... Your shoes become like little nasty saunas. Also, it is hard to get your feet really clean, due to the fact that you wear shower shoes (or at least I hope you do). So, once a month, I recommend getting a pedicure to rejuvenate your feet and keep them from getting really bad!

2. Underwear. Laundry has been the bane of many a college student. Already, I am finding myself trying to put off laundry day for as long as possible. The biggest risk for this is running out of underwear. That can't happen. It is one thing to re-wear a pair of shorts, it is another to re-wear underwear. Don't do it. Just buy some extra panties. Please. For your own sake.

3. Party Clothes. The first thing I realized once I got to college was how few party outfits I had! In high school, I had no reason to have booty skirts and sexy tops. My high school experience was...pretty dull. But anyways, I have had to go shopping for party clothes a couple times, so save up for that! I will say, though...Ladies, keep it classy. The other night I literally saw a woman's entire ass because her skirt was so short and she was so drunk. Try to avoid that. Seriously.

Like I said, money is tight in college! But just be smart about it and you will be fine! Hope this helps!

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