Music Monday

Hey guys! It's been a while since I've done Music Monday, but I've got some good ones for today!

1. Boyfriend by Justin Bieber
 Okay, I know he's got haters, and I pretend to be am one of the at times, but this song is SO undeniably good that I just can't deny myself any longer...just...gahh...

2. Arrival of the Birds by Cinematic Orchestra
This one is way different from Boyfriend, but it's equally as amazing. You may have heard this in the Acqua di Gioia commercials, so don't be surprised if it sounds familiar. But even if it doesn't, you'll still love it.

3. Domino by Jessie J
I am a HUGE Jessie J fan, and this is one of my favorite songs by her--he voice is so strong, and the song itself is simply amazing. Enjoy!


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