Chill Out!

Hey, guys!

We've all felt like this before:

...it's not a great feeling, is it? 

That's why today's post is about relaxing. Not in the way that we usually think of relaxing, mind you, but relaxing our spirits. 

I know, I sound crazy. But about a year and a half ago, I discovered meditation. I'm not an expert at it, and I don't meditate for hours on end every day, but it really has made a difference in my outlook on life. Being able to calm yourself down in stressful situations is a skill that everyone should strive to have, because it honestly makes you feel so much more in control of your life and your actions.

My favorite way to meditate is to use guided meditations. Stin makes great podcasts that you can get for free off of iTunes--I love the one for obsessive thinking. They are called "Meditation Station", and I highly recommend them. Turn off the lights in a quiet place, light a candle, lay down, and press play. You will learn how your breathing can affect your physical, mental, and spiritual awareness. Meditation is truly amazing!

Try it out, and let me know your thoughts!


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